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streamlining the itinerary (to a more efficient journey) - help

Streamlining the itinerary (to a more efficient journey) - HELP

Dear Japan experts!
We're travelling for 17 days in October. Our itinerary is currently:

Day 1 – Kyoto (Arrive afternoon)
Day 2 – Kyoto
Day 3 - Kyoto
Day 4 – Nara + Osaka (optional)
Day 5 – Kyoto (half day + drive to Kanazwa)
Day 6 – Kanazawa
Day 7 – Shirakawa-go & Gokayama - Takayama
Day 8 & 9 – Kamikochi
Day 10 – Matsumoto
Day 11 – Kisso Valley (drive to Magome)
Day 12 – Magome – Tsumago Trail
Day 13 - SPARE DAY
Day 14 – Around Mt. Fuji (5 Lakes Area)
Day 15 – Tokyo
Day 16 – Tokyo
Day 17 – Tokyo (Flying at noon)

It gives us a spare day which was very much needed (Any suggestions?)
And it means days 7 - 13 will be BY CAR. Which leaves us on public transport the rest of the time.

Not sure JR Pass will be still economical under this constellation - seeing the 7-day pass will only spare us these rides: Tokyo-Kyoto; Kyoto-Nara-Kyoto; Kyoto-Kanazawa.

Do you have any ideas as to how to make the Transportation more efficient (economically-wise)? For example, reversing the trip / changing the sequence / using low cost flights / etc.

Thanks in advance!!


Hi Ron,

Looking at your itinerary, I think you arrive at Tokyo (not Kyoto?). However, a JR Pass would not be economic with the limited amount of rail travel that you will do. If you are keen on travelling on a low budget as possible, consider using a night bus from Tokyo - Kyoto (however I would not recommend this and just buy a normal rail ticket). The route itself looks good and there is no back tracking.

You could spend your spare day in Nagoya, as its not far from Tsumago and on the route to Fuji as well.

Hope this helps,

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