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specific train/route question

Specific train/route question

Hi there-
I checked Hyperdia and wonder if our JR pass will work on the following:

2/15 Departure from Tokyo (we are staying in Chuo area - is that the right station?), Route 3 Shinkansen Hikari 473 departs 13:03 arrives Kyoto 15:47

2/17 Departure from Kyoto to Kochi, Route 3 Shinkansen Hikari 467 departs 12:49 arrives Kochi 17:41

2/22 Departure from Kochi to Tokyo, Route 2 Ltd Exp Nanpu 14, transfer to Shinkansen Hikari 476 departs 12:13 arrives 19:40

And if we want to reserve seats, is it best to do that in advance and if so, how far in advance? We will also be purchasing point to point tickets for our daughter and want to sit with her, so just trying to understand the process a bit better. Also, given our itinerary, do you recommend seats on a particular side of any of the trains?

Thank you very much for your help!


Hi there,

Yes, this full route is covered by the JR Pass.

Here's how to make seat reservations. When it comes to making reservations, on normal days it is fine to do so 20min or so before departure but you can do so 1-2 days in advance if you want to be sure of seating.

Hope this helps,

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