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specific routes

I was looking up specific routes between cities on and it stated that the rail pass might not work on all routes. It said to check with a train station or your travel agent. So how can I tell if my pass will work where I want to go.
I was looking at 3 different routes- 1. Tokyo to Yudanaka on Feb 25th. I left Tokyo @ 10:24 am and arrived at Yudanaka at 12:54pm
2. Then on Feb 28th Yudanaka to Haneda airport leaving @ 6:20am and arriving at the airport at 9:48am
3. Finally taking the train on March 6th from Sapporo leaving @ 10:55 and arriving in Kyoto @ 4:08pm.

Also, how far ahead of time should I buy the rail pass. I plan to arrive in Japan Feb 24th. And how far ahead of time should I make a reservation on the train? Can I wait until a few days before or should I make them as soon as I know those are the times I want to take.
Thanks for all you help!!


Hi there,

That is the general disclaimer in Hyperdia. You will see it with every search result.

I checked all the routes for you and they are all covered by the JR Pass. Do note that you can't ride the Nozomi between Tokyo - Kyoto, instead use the Haruka Super Express. The fastest Shinkansen, the Hayabusa between Tokyo - Aomori is covered by the JR Pass.

I'd advise buying the JR Pass at least 14 days before departure, this will ensure the pass arrives save and sound. Seat reservations can be made just before departure, however on busy days during Golden Week / New Year, it is better to reserve seats in advance 3-4 days.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much!! It's a lot of help


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