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should we get jr passes?

Should we get JR Passes?

My husband and I are traveling May 1 to May 18 as follows:

(Narita to Shibuya, Tokyo, by airport limousine bus) Day 1

Tokyo & Yokohama Days 1-6
Tokyo to Kyoto Day 7
Kyoto to Nara Day 10
Nara to Kyoto Day 11
Kyoto to Kanazawa to Takayama Day 13
Takayama to Kamikochi Day 15
Kamikochi to Shin-Yokohama Day 17

(Shin-Yokohama to Narita by bus, Day 18)

I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Thanks, Susanj


Hi there,

Here is a little break down of ticket prices, in order to see if a JR-Pass would benefit you.

Tokyo --> Kyoto ¥ 13,220
Kyoto --> Nara ¥ 690
Nara --> Kyoto ¥ 690
Kyoto --> Kanazawa ¥ 6,710
Kanazawa --> Takayama, this makes for a very long trip and is better done by high way bus.
Kanazawa --> Kamikochi, this part is done by Nohi Bus from Kanazawa and not covered by the JR-Pass.
Kamikochi --> Shin Yokohama, the fastest way to Shin-Yokohama is if you take the bus and the Matsumoto Electric Railway to Matsumoto (2400yen, not covered by the JR-Pass) and from there take the JR to Shin-Yokohama ¥ 6,500.

This comes down to a total of 27,810 which does not cover the cost of the 14-day pass. I think the best way to go is buying single tickets as you go.

Hope this helps,

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