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should we get a jr pass with travel spread out over a few weeks?

Should we get a JR pass with travel spread out over a few weeks?

We are travelling for 3 weeks in Japan but our travel is spread out so not sure if it is worth the pass or not? and if so would it be the 14 day pass starting at 16/9?
If the price is similar, is it just easier to have the pass? rather than line up for tickets, and with individual tickets would the one ticket cover from say Nikko to Kyoto or would we need to buy each of the legs along the way.
I've tried to do an estimate on Hyperdia but not sure if this is correct..
Our plans so far-
16/9 Airport to Tokyo (Y500-600ish)
17/9 Tokyo to Nikko (Y5580)
19/9 Nikko to Kyoto (Y18210)
23/9 Side trip to Nara (Y710 each way)
28/9 Kyoto to Kanazawa (Y6700)
..some buses not on JR pass 4/10 Matsumoto to Tokyo (Y6900)
then a couple of days in Tokyo n to Airport
My other question is
We are a family travelling and i understand the little ones under 6 are free when we have the JR pass, and 6-11 year old half fare price, but will this be the case too on normal tickets if we did not get the JRpass?
I'd appreciate some advice,
Thankyou, Dan


Hello Dan,

To start with your last question first, yes child prices have the same discount for the JR Pass as normal tickets and below the age of 6 travel for free.

Most of the prices that you've found in Hyperdia are correct. I guess you are landing at Haneda Airport with the 600yen ticket price, since Narita Airport costs around 3,000yen using the Nartita Express. As for the JR Pass, I do think it would be better to purchase normal tickets because your travel is split between two periods.

Hope this helps,

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Yes it is Haneda.
Thank you very much for your reply and advice Daniel.


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