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should i purchase jr pass

Should I purchase JR pass

This is our first trip to Japan and are considering whether it is worth purchasing the JR pass.

Our 7 days itinerary will be

24/3 Narita - Kyoto
25/3 Kyoto
26/3 Kyoto
27/3 Kyoto - Hakone
28/3 Hakone - Tokyo
29/3 Tokyo
30/3 Tokyo - Narita (for departure)

What time will we arrive in Kyoto as our arrival is at 1325.



Hi there,

Let's have a look at normal ticket prices and see.

Narita -> Kyoto ¥ 15,530
Kyoto -> Odawara (for Hakone) ¥ 11,550
Odawara --> Tokyo ¥ 3,440
Tokyo --> Narita Airport ¥ 2,740

For a total of ¥ 33,260 the 7 Day JR-Pass is ¥ 28,300 so you would save at least ¥ 4,960 you can also use the pass on local JR Lines in Tokyo to save even more.

The Journey between Narita Airport and Kyoto is about 4 hours. So if you would take the train from 14.30 you would arrive in Kyoto around 18.30. Maybe the trip is a little bit in the long side, however you won't have to change trains between Tokyo and Kyoto so possible you could catch up on some sleep.

When you visit Hakone, Odawara is the best stop when you can from Kyoto. From here you can take a private railway into the Hakone area. A Hakone Free Pass may be of use when you travel around there, as it allows for free travel in the Area and comes with some nice discounts too!

Hope this helps! -Daniel

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Thank you very much for quick response. Should I make reservations for seats for the 14 30 train from Narita
to Kyoto and this is for the Hikari or Kodama, right?


Hi again,

It is not required but I would recommend doing so, just to be sure to have seats together.

Yes you would use the Hikari between Tokyo and Kyoto and N'EX between Narita and Tokyo.
For reference, here is the route. Trains from Narita leave every 30 minutes at XX:15 and XX:45.

Let me know if you have more questions!

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Thanks again


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