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should i get the jr pass? itinerary advice

Should I get the JR Pass? Itinerary advice

Hi all

I am planning a trip to Japan in September and I am debating whether the JR Pass is a good idea for me, given my proposed itinerary below:

September 1 - Tokyo to Kamakura
September 2 - Kamkura to Matsumoto (then to Kamikochi by bus)
September 3 - Kamikochi to Takayama
September 4 - Takayama to Hikone
September 5 - Hikone to Hiroshima
September 7 - Hiroshima to Nagoya
September 8 - Nagoya to Osaka
September 9 - Osaka to Kyoto
September 10 - Osaka to Himeji
September 11 - Himeji to Osaka
September 15 - Osaka to Nara
September 16 - Osaka to Nara (again)
September 18 - Osaka to Kyoto
September 19 - Osaka to Kyoto (again)
September 20 - Osaka to Tokyo
September 21 - Tokyo to Kawajima

Asyou can see, my trip has in the middle 5 days in Osaka without travel so I need some advice as to whether to get a 14 day JR pass for the first two weeks of my trip and pay for tickets after that or get a 14 day for the first two weeks and a 7 day pass for the last week of my trip.

Any help with deciding is greatly appreciated. Thank you!



Hi Archie!

I looked at ticket prices to see what would work out best.

Tokyo - Kamakura ¥ 890
Kamakura - Matsumoto ¥ 7,330
Takayama - Hakone (Odawara station) ¥ 12,710
Hakone - Hiroshima ¥ 17,730
Hiroshima - Nagoya ¥ 13,630
Nagoya - Osaka ¥ 6,380
Osaka - Kyoto (return) ¥ 1,080
Osaka - Himeji (return) ¥ 2,900

For a total of ¥ 62,650 or ¥ 17,550 in savings as the 14 day JR Pass is 45,100 Yen. So I would definitely recommend a JR Pass for the first. Now I would not recommend a separate 7 day JR Pass for the last 7 days but you can also buy a 21 day JR Pass. The price difference between the 14-day and 21-day JR Pass is 12,600 Yen, so you would do have to do at least this amount of travel to make it worth it.

Osaka - Nara (return) ¥ 1,560
Osaka - Nara (return, 2nd time) ¥ 1,560
Osaka - Kyoto (return) ¥ 1,080
Osaka - Kyoto (return, 2nd time)
Osaka - Tokyo ¥ 13,950
Tokyo - Kawajima aprox. ¥ 700 depending on train station.

For about ¥ 19,930 or an additional ¥ 7,330 as the price for extra 7 day upgrade is ¥ 12,600.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel-san

Thanks so much for your quick response.

Yes the 21 JR pass does seem like the most cost-effective option.

Many thanks indeed



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