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should i buy the 14 day jr pass or buy each travel part by its own?

Should I buy the 14 day Jr pass or buy each travel part by its own?

I'm traveling to Japan between 21/10 until 5/11/16. We are a family of two adults and two children age 7 & 8 years old, our itinerary is :
21/10 landing in narita airport Tokyo and traveling to Kyoto.
21/10-23/10 Kyoto
24/10 Kyoto - Nara- Kyoto
25/10 Kyoto - Osaka - Kyoto
26/10 Kyoto - naoshima- Okayama
27/10 Okayama - Kanazawa
28/10 Kanazawa- takayama
29/10 takayama - hakone
30/10 hakone - Tokyo
2/11 Tokyo - Niko - Tokyo
5/11 Tokyo - narita airport
Please advise me if I should buy the Jr pass for 14 days or buy each part of the trip Seperstely?
Thanks for the help


Hi there,

Travel within the Kansai region (Kyoto, Nara, Osaka) is not expensive. Once you start travelling to Naoshima, Okayama, Kanazawa and so on, this all changes. My advise would be to use a 7 day JR Pass and use it to travel from 26/20. You could een visit Nikko with it if you visit it a bit sooner from Tokyo.

This way you would get the best out of a JR Pass and make outstanding savings compared to purchasing normal tickets.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your prompt reply!!
If I go to Nikko on the 1/11 will it still be included in the 7 day Jr pass?
Is it still worth 7 day and buy seperately the narita- Kyoto ticket?
If I skip naoshima and Okayama and go directly from Kyoto to Kanazawa and the rest of the places- is it still worth buying the 7 day Jr pass?
Thanks again


Hi again,

Sorry, I must have misread your itinerary before. With the arrival at Narita Airport and subsequent travel to Tokyo and Kyoto, a 14 day JR Pass would be the best option.

You can compare the cost of a JR Pass against normal tickets in our Fare Calculator.

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