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should i buy a jr pass?

Should I buy a JR Pass?


I will be going to Japan from Australia in April.
Is it worth buying a 14 day JR Pass?

My itinerary looks like this so far but I may miss out going Kokura if the wisteria is not blossoming :

9/4 Kansai Airport -> Wakayama
11/4 Wakayama -> Ryujin
12/4 Ryujin -> Shirahama
13/4 Shirahama -> Nachikatsuura
15/4 Nachikatsuura-> Okayama
16/4 Okayama-> Oboke (Iyaonsen)
17/4 Oboke ->Dogo Onsen
19/4 Dogo Onsen -> Miyajima BUT I will take High Speed Boat
20/4 Miyajima/Miyajimagauchi -> Kokura;

    Kokura -> Kobe

21/4 Kobe -> Kansai Airport

Most of the trains are limited express with a few shinkansen..

I will be arriving at Kansai Airport on 9th April at 9.30pm.
I read that the Office at Kansai Airport closes at 11.00pm - do I have time to activate my JR Pass?
Where is the JR Office at the airport?

Your advice and help is greatly appreciated



7 day JR Pass is good for Apr 15 to 21.

JR Passes do not cover most sections from KIX to Wakayama to Ryujin to Shirahama.


Hi there,

I checked your itinerary to see if a JR Pass would be useful. Most travel around Wakayama is all local and a JR Pass would not help you make saving there. From there however there is a lot of travel where a 7 day JR Pass would be helpful. So taking a 7 day JR Pass from Apr 15 to 21 would be the best option.

I would advise activating the JR Pass at Kansai Airport (you may select a starting date at point of exchange).

Hope this helps,

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