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should i buy 7day pass?

Should I buy 7day pass?

Dear Daniel-san,

Please see my itinerary. I think Day 4,5 no chance to use JR pass right?

Day 1 Kansai Airport-Osska
Day 2 Osaka-Himeji-Nara-Osaka
Day 3 Osaka-Kyoto

Day 4-5 Kyoto (can only use bus?)
Central Kyoto, palace, castle
Area around Ginkakuji
Area around Kinkakuji
Arashiyama area

Day 6 Kyoto-Tokyo
Day 7 Tokyo-Hakone-Tokyo

Day 8 Tokyo (shopping,city)
Day 9 Tokyo-Haneda Airport

The only long trip is Kyoto-Tokyo (1-way)
Hyperdia says via SHINKANSEN NOZOMI 330 = 8,210 yen
but one of the posts you mentioned 13,910 yen (which train is this?)
so I'm not sure if Hyperdia is wrong for Kyoto-Tokyo

Because of this big difference also my trip 9days, I'm not sure
is it still good to buy the JR pass? or should I just buy JR West pass (Kansai Area)?



Hello Henry,

Starting with Hyperdia look at the Total:¥ amount. This would be around 13,910 yen for Kyoto - Tokyo.

As for the JR Pass, it would be cheaper to buy normal tickets for this route. A JR Pass would have been a big help if you make a return Osaka to Tokyo. You can however use a Kansai Area Pass for travel to Himeji, this should allow you to make a bit of savings compared to purchase normal tickets.

In Kyoto stick with a 500yen day ticket for the bus, this will get you anywhere in the city. A normal ticket has a flat fee of 230yen, so its easy to make savings.

Hope this helps,

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