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should i buy 7 day rail pass?

should i buy 7 day rail pass?

Hi, i need advice if i should buy a 7 day rail pass given my itinerary below. I'm planning to use it from day 3(osaka going to tokyo) up to day 9. Thanks in advance!

day 1 - osaka (universal studios)

day 2 - kyoto (day tour)
Fushimi Inari Shrine
Kinkaku-ji Temple
Bamboo Groves
Nishiki market
Kiyomizudera (optional)

day 3 - osaka (day tour)
osaka castle
osaka bay area
travel to tokyo via shinkansen

day 4 - tokyo
tokyo disneyland

day 5 - tokyo
tokyo disneysea

day 6 - tokyo
imperial palace

day 7 - tokyo
Tokyo SkyTree

day 8 - tokyo

day 9 - tokyo

day 10 - departure (narita)


Hi there!

The JR Pass is great if you use it for multiple rides on the Shinkansen. I'd certainly recommend one if you made a return Osaka - Tokyo for instance but it would be better to just buy tickets as you travel because a JR Pass would not pay of at this point. I would recommend getting an IC card such as ICOCA.

Also your plan for Tokyo is great, I love the places which you plan to visit. You could add a visit to Tokyo Tower as well when you visit Odaiba, it's not too far away.

Hope this helps!

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