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sapporo-tokyo-osaka-nikko july 2016

sapporo-tokyo-osaka-nikko july 2016

I've been trying o organize a last minute trip but need some help !

I am staying in Sapporo but want to visit a few places.
My idea is as follows
21st travel to tokyo
22 Tokyo-kanagawa = day trip
23 Tokyo - Kanazawa (maybe spend the night in kanazawa)
24 travel to oskaka
25 osaka
26 osaka to nikko
27 nikko
28 nikko to sapporo (maybe stay in hakodata before going back to sapporo)

Is this possible or not time wise ?

any advice I would really appreciate and also what is the best position to stay in tokyo when i want to travel :-)

thank you so much for any advice


Hi there,

To answer your question, yes its possible! However you will spend a lot of time travelling, so ask yourself if you want to spend so many ours on the train. I off set too much travel on a single day, I would stay at least a night in Kanazawa and Hakodate. Besides it will be nice to see a bit of both cities.

You can stay pretty much anywhere in Tokyo as the transport system is very good. If you want for good train access, look for somewhere with a JR station.

Hope this helps,

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