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Regional Passes

Can you please confirm that the JR West Sanyo does not cover Kyoto or Nagoya; and that the JR West Kansai pass does not include Nagoya or Hiroshima?

We arrive in Nagoya and I intend to do: Nagoya - Kyoto - Osaka (Naoshima and Himeji) - Hiroshima - Tokyo then a number of days later Tokyo - Nagano - Hakone - Tokyo. I really don't want to shell out for the 21 day pass, when I'll probably only be using the pass for 10 of those days. I suspect our first bit of travel will end more than 7 days before our next bit commences, so the 14 day pass is not appropriate either. I can probably drop Hakone, but still wish to go to Nagano.

Any advice?


Hi there!

Unfortunately both regional passes are limited to the region that they are used it. The Sanyo pass does not include Kyoto or Nagoya and neither does the Kansai Pass include Hiroshima.

A 7 day JR Pass would be really good if you could do something like Nagoya - Kyoto/Osaka -Hiroshima - Tokyo with it, however if you have time on your side and can spend a couple of days in each location it may be better to just buy train tickets as you travel.

I hope this helps!

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