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Hi Daniel San,

Some questions.clarifications about itinerary:

Day 1 Arrive at Osaka at 2200 (hotel at Plaza Osaka-closest to Juso station) How to get there?

Day 2 Osaka full day
Day 3 Osaka nara Osaka
Day 4 Osaka Kobe / Hemeji Osaka- is this too rushed?

For Day 2,3,4 or Day 1,2,3 (would it be beneficial to buy the Kansai Thru pass? or the Amazing Osaka Pass? or SINGLE tickets?)

Day 5 Osaka to Kyoto
Day 6 Kyoto
Day 7 Kyoto to Nagoya
Day 8 Nagoya and head to Magome/ stay in Tsumago for night
Day 9 Tsumago to Yokohama
Day 10 Yokohama to Tokyo
Day 11 Tokyo to Nikko (optional) and back to Tokyo
Day 12 Tokyo to Hakone
Day 13 Hakone back to Tokyo
Day 14 Tokyo
Day 15 Tokyo
Day 16 Head Home

Should I get a JR 7 day pass to use from Day 4 to Day 11 ? ( I don't have to go to Nikko)

1) I am trying to justify if a 7 day pass is worth it
2) I am trying to figure out what is the best pass to use when in Kansai region



Hello Vish,

Let's have a look at your itinerary step by step.

Here is the route from Kansai Airport to Juso station. It's a pretty difficult one unfortunately.

Within Osaka an Osaka Amazing pass can be very nice, if you also plan to visit places it covers with it.
A Kansai Thru pass could be nice if you visit Himeji with it, however I would advise either visiting Himeji or Kobe in one way. Especially kobe offers enough to keep you busy for days.

1.) If you look at ticket prices vs the 7 day JR Pass, then right now it is more economic to buy normal tickets.

2.) Travel in Kansai is low cost and generally it's just better to buy normal tickets over a local pass which restricts the companies you can travel on and in some cases requires a significant amount of travel before they pay off.

Hope this helps,

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