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rail pass necessary? please help.

Rail Pass necessary? Please help.

Hello everyone!
My friend and I will be travelling to Japan in April and are having difficulty figuring out if the Rail Pass is worth it with our itinerary. Our initial thought would be to buy the 14 day pass but we are having doubts.

We would be grateful for any advice.

Our itinerary is

Day 1 - ToKyo
Day 2 - Tokyo
Day 3 - Tokyo
Day 4 - Magome stop (to do walk), then to Nagano
Day 5 - Nagano (monley park visit)
Day 6 - Kyoto
Day 7 - Kyoto
Day 8- Kyoto (Hiroshima - Myajima day trip)
Day 9 - Kyoto
Day 10 - nara
Day 11- Koyasan
Day 12 - Koyasan
Day 13 - No idea yet! (any suggestions?)
Day 14 - Tokyo
Day 15 - Tokyo



Hello there,

I do think that a 14 day JR Pass is the best option here. The route Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Kyoto - Tokyo alone would pay for the pass itself. Adding extra travel like Nagano and Nara will help you make savings for sure. The JR Pass will also cover the major part of your travels and you won't have to buy tickets every time.

You can use the JR Pass Fare Calculator to find an approximate ticket cost of a single route or even your full itinerary.

Personally, I would also add a side trip from Tokyo to Nikko, to both get the best out of your JR Pass and Japan trip :)

Hope this helps,

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