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question regarding japan rail pass

question regarding Japan Rail Pass

My husband ad I are very excited with our upcoming visit to Japan in July. We planned our trip as follows:
Tokyo - Hakone - Nara - Kyoto - Toyooka - Kanazawa - Toyama (or Takayam) - Yudanka - Nikko - Yokohama
My questions are:
1. I believe that a JR pass would be the most economic way to travel, but I couldn't find the prices for regular train tickets in order to compare. Am I correct in my assumption?
2. Do you have any tips or suggestions?
Thank you very much


Hi there,

1.) We have a great tool at to find any route, that you can use to find ticket prices and compare versus the JR Pass. I can't say for sure without knowing how many days you spend in each city but using a JR Pass looks good here.

2.) Look at what lines are included in the JR Pass, the JR Pass is good to travel all over Japan using JR lines but there are private railways in more remote parts. Things of travel within Hakone, between Nagano - Yudanaka and possible local train. This way you will not find any surprises during your trip.

Hope this helps,

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