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proposed itinerary: tokyo_kanazawa-shirakawago_maybetakayama_tokyo

Proposed itinerary: Tokyo_Kanazawa-Shirakawago_maybeTakayama_Tokyo

I'm trying to form a trip of a few days starting and ending in Tokyo. Takayama seems interesting but I don't think it's on a direct train from Tokyo to the other area. Can you help me with train connections? The trip would be three or four nights excluding Tokyo.
Thank you!


Hi there,

I can certainly help you here!

One is with the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kanazawa directly, from there you will want to take the bus to Shirakawago and from Shirakawago also the but to Takayama.

From Takayama, take the Wide View express to Nagoya and from there the Shinkansen to Tokyo. It is a nice circle trip to make. Also the train ride between Takayama - Nagoya is very scenic.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much.


Would you kindly answer these questions if possible:

  1. This website ( advertises another pass to use on trains and buses in the area of Shirakawago. Do you know if this more local pass would be useful in addition to the regular Japan Rail Pass? I understand that the local pass includes the bus to Shirakawago.

  2. Would the Japan East Rail Pass be useful? How does this differ from the general Japan Rail Pass and the pass in my first question?

  3. Is there a problem fitting suitcases on a train or bus? Each of us would have one suitcase (9" deep x 15" wide x 22" tall) and a second one (9" deep x 16" wide x 13.5" high).

I am very grateful if you have answers.


Hi again!

1.) The Hokuriku pass does not cover the Shinkansen so using the JR Pass works well!

2.) No, the JR East pass is mostly for the area north of Tokyo, you'll be traveling south of Tokyo.

3.) Brining a Suitcase on the train is no problem, although not every train has a special place to store them.

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Hi Daniel:

I appreciate your previous replies and have new questions now that I have an itinerary and the Japan Rail Pass. My husband and I leave for Asia Oct. 10.

Oct. 17: Arrive at Narita from South Korea. At Narita I will turn in the exchange order for the pass. Can I buy a train ticket and reserve seats there for the Oct. 19 train to Kanasawa or do I have to do that at Ueno Station?

Oct. 19 : Tokyo (Ueno Station) to Kanasawa via Nagano. I would like to leave in the morning. Do all the trains take 2 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo? Do I have to change trains before Kanasawa?

Oct. 20: Is there a train from Kanasawa to Takayama or just a bus? If train, does the pass cover it?

Oct. 21: Bus to Shirawakago for daytrip and return to Takayama: Is it true that the pass doesn't cover the bus?

Oct. 22: Train from Takayama to Tokyo: I would like to return on a different route. Is it possible to go via Nagoya? What is the route and do I have to change trains? Should I buy a ticket and reserve seat (if possible) the day before or is it possible to pay on the travel day?

Thank you again,


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