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price of reserved seat for kansai wide area pass

Price of reserved seat for Kansai wide area pass

Hi Expert! I would like to know the price to get a reserved seat for the train from Kyoto - kinosaki and Kinosaki - Osaka. Please advice how much I need to top up to get the reserved seat, I read from JR west website , it stated that the pass only cover the basic fare, we need to pay the limited express + reserved seat fees if we want to reserve seat. Im very confused about the price that we need to top up. How much is the limited express + reserved seat fees?

Here is my schedule:
Day 1 4th Dec
Day 2 5th Dec
Day 3 6th Dec

Day 4 7th Dec
Day 5 8th Dec

Day 6 9th Dec
Day 7 10th Dec (Nara Day trip)
Day 8 11th Dec
Day 9 12th Dec

To Airport
Day 10 13th Dec


Hi there,

As you already know, the Kansai Wide Pass only covers non-reserved seats and it gets very costly if you do want to travel on a reserved seat. Basically you pay the express fare (about half the price of a full ticket) + the reservations fee (around 500yen per ticket).

For instance Kyoto - Kinosaki Onsen:
Total:¥ 4,840(TicketFare:¥ 2,590 Seat Fee:¥ 2,250) here you would have to pay the full Seat Fee. To key to avoiding this is coming early to the station and line up at the platform for a non-reserved seat. You'll want to be there at least 30min in advance.

Hope this helps,

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