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possible route 16 days

Possible route 16 days

Hi all.
Im going 17 days to Japan, from 06th sep (arriving at Osaka 07:00 hrs) til 22nd sep (departure from Tokio at 23:00 hrs.).
I would like to visit:
Kioto, Nara, Hiroshima, Miyayima, Aso-san, Beppu, Matsue, Tottori, Takayama, Kanazawa, Matsumoto, Nagano, Nikko, Kamakura, Tokio
Could you oriented me about the most appropiate route with the 14th japan rail Pass?

Thank you so much.


Hi Benibu,

The way you listed the places that you wish to visit is the best order I would switch Takayama and Kanazawa around but that's pretty much it. What I am a little worried about is the amount of places you wish to visit within the 16 days that you reside in Japan. I count 15 places for 17 days wish may be going overboard a little too much. Some of the routes you travel take up a good amount of time and I am afraid that you may not be able to see much, or anything at all (besides the inside of the train). For instance the route Beppu - Matsue takes 5-6 hours alone.

What I would recommend doing is to make a smaller selection of 7-9 places so you have enough time to enjoy them.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel!
Thank you very much for your recomendation, it is true! Too much places for 17 days.
I dont know If you can recommend me one possible route removing some places. This is my first visit to Japan and Im completely LOST (in traslation) ;-) jogging
06th sep Osaka airport 07:00 hrs arriving
22nd sep Haneda airport 23:45 hrs departing
Could you give me one possible route based in 14 days JR and I would like visiting some onsen because I have some artritis problems and I have heard bath is good for this hillness and also to visit The essence of The country.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Benibu!

I understand! All those places are amazing and all worth a visit. Still you have to make a choice.
Here's what I would visit (based on personal preference):

Day 1 Arrival and travel to Kyoto ,
Day 2 Kyoto!
Day 3 Nara (3 day trip from Kyoto),
Day 4,5 Hiroshima / Miyayima, Start using the 14 day JR Pass (day 4 travel to Hiroshima and local sightseeing, day 5 Miyajima and more local sightseeing, Hiroshima is pretty amazing)
Day 6, Travel to Beppu enjoy a nights stay and visit an Onsen or two (the local sandbath's are very nice too)
Day 7, more Beppy and after noon train to Matsue
Day 8 Matsue, sightseeing (my personal recommendation is to see the Adachi Museum of Art
Day 9 Travel and stay in Tottori
Day 10, Daniel's san special visit to Kinosaki Onsen a very lovely onsen town best visited for a single nights stay.
Day 11. On to Kanazawa, it's a long ride (about 5 hours) but absolutely love Kanazawa. The city is very beautiful and less frequented by foreign visitors giving it a unique Japanese atmosphere. The Castle and castle park are beautiful as well as the Kenroku-en Garden.
Day 12. Kanazawa - After so much travel I think that you deserve an other day to relax and explore the city. There's an old Geisha District which was never touched by the 2nd WW and retains it's original beauty. You could also make a day trip by bus to Shirakawago which is a beautiful traditional village.
Day 13. Time to head slowly to word Tokyo - but first a nights stop at Takayama
Day 14. Enjoy a little more from Takayama before heading to Tokyo. It's quite a ride to Tokyo so be sure to bring a good book.
Day 15. Day trip to Nikko! Nikko is amazing and making a day trip with your JR Pass there, really is making the most of your Pass, return to Tokyo by evening.
Day 16. Tokyo and last day shopping!
Day 17. Fly back home - last day of JR Pass - that was one amazing trip!

Well, that's how I would do it. You would see a lot, visit 2 Onsen places (Beppu and Kinosaki) see some of the most beautiful towns / cities of Japan (Kyoto / Kanazawa and Takayama) and really make the most of your JR Pass (I would not be surprised if you made 100% in savings of the original price).

Let me know what you think!

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Hi Daniel.

Thank you a lot for your kind recommendation, I will do exactly your full programe, it is great!

Following your indications this is the nights tour distribution:
06-09 Kioto (3)
09-11 Hiroshima (2)
11-12 Beppu (1)
12-14 Matsue (2)
14-15 Tottori (1)
15-16 Onsen (1)
16-18 Kanazawa (2)
18-19 Takanawa (1)
19-22 Tokyo (3)

Im going straight to reserve the hotels because Im very late, in Tokio for exmple saturday-sunday night (21st-22nd) most of hotels are full.

Thank you so much again and I will recommend to everybody your site.


Hi Benibu!

That look great and thank you for your praise!

Let me know if I can assist with anything else!

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