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please help in selecting the jr pass to buy

Please help in selecting the JR pass to buy

Dear All,

I am attending a conference in Osaka next month then plan to traveling a bit before leaving if my itinerary is as follow

Day 1: Osaka-Kanazawa
Day 2: Kanazawa-Matsumoto
Day 3: Matsumoto-Kamicochi-Matsumoto
Day 4: Matsumoto-Magome-Tsumago-Narai-Matsumoto-Kawaguchiko
Day5: Kawaguchko-Haneda

Should I buy 7 days JR pass or 3 days JR east pass + 2 one days JR Chubu pass + separate ticket from Osaka?

Thank you!


Hi there,

I must say that it is a little hard to find the best way as your travel also involves some travel on private railways.
Because of this, I don't think that a JR Pas would suit you very well.

I think the best way to go around this trip is to take the train from Osaka to Kanazawa, then take the bus from Kanazawa to Matsumoto and use local lines to travel around there and to Kamikochi.

That you can take the train from Matsumoto to Kawaguchiko like this. I would also just buy normal tickets here as you only travel one way.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel-san.

May I ask where I can get the information on then bus from Kanazawa to Matsumoto. Thanks again!


Hi again,

Here you can find the official website from the Bus company. There is no direct bus, so you would have to take the bus from Kanazawa to Takayama and transfer there to the Matsumoto bus line. The total fare for this is 6400 Yen.

The route is very beautiful btw, but takes about 6 hours all together.

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