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please help divide my time

Please help divide my time

I will have 2 full weeks in Japan late September (not counting arrival/departure from Narita), and I am thinking of making 2 "bases" - one in Tokyo and another in Kyoto - from which to make day trips.
We dislike checking in/checking out, packing/unpacking, but! for one of us Naoshima Island is a "must", so we have to add an overnight stay there as well.

Now - what would be the best way to divide the time between Tokyo and Kyoto (how many nights in each)? And where should we add the night at Naoshima island?

I was thinking maybe 6 nights in Tokyo (+ day trips), then take a train (+ another train + ferry) to Naoshima, spend the night there, then - on to Kyoto, spend the remaining 6 nights there (in the city + day trips), then take the bullet train back to Narita for departure (our flight is late afternoon).

Does it sound reasonable? Or would one city (+ day trips) require more time than the other? Also - should we add Naoshima at the end of Kyoto stay instead of in between Tokyo and Kyoto?

Thank you!!!


Hello there,

Making two bases and exploring Japan like that sounds great. This will make your trip a lot more relaxed and you still get to see a lot. A 7 day JR Pass would also work here very well if you can use it to travel to Tokyo - Kyoto and back, this would also include Naoshima.

It does not really make much of a difference when you visit Naoshima but I think it makes sense to do it either before staying in Kyoto or before returning to Tokyo. This way you can keep the travel days together.

Hope this helps,

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