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Would really appreciate some help with planning of itinery and usage of public transport in japan as it can really get very overwhelming. Would require some advice as to whether a JR pass to warranted for my travel. Travel details are as follows

  1. Day 1: Arrival at Osaka KTX airport → Shin Osaka station hotel annex
  2. Day 2: Shin Osaka station hotel annex → Fushimi Inari Shrine and nishiki market → shimsaibashi
  3. Day 3: Shin Osaka station hotel annex → Arashiyama
    *on day 3 we are still undecided if we should take shinkansen or the overnight willer express bus to Tokyo
  4. Day 4: Arrival at Tokyo for which we intend to tour shibuya → staying at
    Shinjuku Washington Hotel Main
  5. Day 5: Shinjuku Washington Hotel Main → Tokyo Disney sea
  6. Day 6: Shibuya-ku → Fuji shibazakura festival
  7. Day 7: Shibuya-ku → Tsukiji Fish Market

Sorry for the trouble but I would really appreciate some help with the planning of the transportation. This is in view on Day 4 onwards we will be in Tokyo and I heard from my friends that JR rail is limited for use in Tokyo. I have roughly calculated cost and i think the JR pass is required should we decide to take the shinkansen from osaka to tokyo


Hi there,

From reading your itinerary, I advise using normal tickets for travel around Japan. A JR Pass is great if you travel between different regions in Japan.

The JR Pass works best for longer distances, or if you travel between regions a couple of times. A return Tokyo - Kyoto for instance is almost the price of a 7 day JR Pass alone. In the above itinerary, travel is concentrated in the Kansai area and around Tokyo, with one long distance trip between them.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel
Thank you for your expert advice, it was very much appreciated!

Amanda Y


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