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please check? are we travelling too fast? jr pass?

Please check? Are we travelling too fast? JR Pass?

I am planning to travel to Japan in November and am working on my itinerary. There will be 3 of us travelling, 2 male, one female. We want to ensure we don't spend more time in transit, versus actually seeing and enjoying the country.

This is our tentative itinerary. We have not yet decided if we are flying into Osaka or Tokyo, so the itinerary can simply be reversed.

We are also unsure if it would be worth it to purchase a Japan Rail Pass.

I'm hoping for a little advice, suggestions, etc?

(Osaka) Kyoto - Hiroshima - Hakone - Kamakura (time permitting) - Nikko - Tokyo

  1. Osaka (directly travel to Kyoto) & rest
  2. Tour Kyoto
  3. Tour Kyoto
  4. Tour Kyoto
  5. Travel to Hiroshima (activate rail pass early morning): visit sights from noon till 6pm
  6. Travel to Odawara, travel to Hakone, arrive by 2pm, pictures, relax
  7. Travel to Kamakura, arrive by 9-10am, visit sights
  8. Travel to Nikko, arrive by 12noon, visit sights
  9. Nikko
    10.Travel to Tokyo, last city stop before departure
  10. Depart

Hi there!

I checked your full route and it all looks pretty solid! The longest travel route is Hiroshima - Odawara (257 Minutes)and you won't spend a great amount of time traversing in general,so good planning there!

Also starting in Osaka/Kyoto is a great idea, this way you can spend your last days buying souvenirs in Tokyo and taking a little break from traveling before heading home.

Something you could consider is to drop Kamakura and spend a day longer in Hakone. I think Kamakura is a great visit but it is similar to Nikko in that it is home to many temples and traditional buildings. Your time in Hakone is a little limited because of your late arrival and I do think that some extra time there would be very pleasant.

I don't have much to add, as it is already well planning!

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