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overnight train twilight express

Overnight Train Twilight Express

I can´t find any timings of this train for departure dates after the end of Febuary.
Is there a danger that the train is going to be discontinued? My plan is to come to Japan in March and I would like to use this train again.
Best Regards
Frank Sprenger


Hi there!

I've not heard anything about this train being discontinued in 2014 (although it is scheduled for retirement in 2016).
However the train does not run everyday and can be very hard to book).

The reason why you can't find a time table yet is because they don't have been published yet, time tables are updated every month so you may find them in a couple of days.

You can find the Japanese timetable HERE and HERE is the English timetable.

I hope this helps!

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That´s good news. Thank You very much, also for the timetable links. :-)

Happy New Year


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