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osaka, wakayama city, mt. koya, kyoto, shinjuku, hakone, tokyo, narita-14 day pass for 16 day itinerary?

Osaka, Wakayama City, Mt. Koya, Kyoto, Shinjuku, Hakone, Tokyo, Narita-14 day pass for 16 day itinerary?

I was wondering if it would be financially worth buying 14 day rail passes for the following itinerary for two people and if so at which point in the trip should I activate it?
Day 1 Friday arrive Kansai airport head to Cross Hotel in Osaka
Day 2 Osaka
Day 3 Osaka
Day 4 train to Wakayama City
Day 5 Wakayama City Explore Castle, harbor and the doll temple
Day 6 train and cable car to Mt. Koya-san for an overnight stay in Kumagaiji Temple
Day 7 Train from Mt. Koya to Kyoto check into Hotel Okura
Day 8 Kyoto Explore Inari Shrine
Day 9 Kyoto Explore Bamboo Forest
Day 10 Kyoto explore Gion and temple district
Day 11 train to Shinjuku Tokyo and Explore Golden Gai
Day 12 Shinjuku and Harajuku area
Day 13 Hakone (day trip or overnight)
Day 14 Hakone and or Tokyo
Day 15 Tokyo
Day 16 Early morning departure to Narita Intl. Airport
Note: One days 6 and 7, as there are two of us, I am seriously considering hiring a taxi to take us from Wakayama City to Koya to save us some time and then taking the train from and cable car from Koya to Kyoto.
I would appreciate your input, advise and ideas. Thank you for very much for your help.


Hello there,

Most of your travel is locally within the Kansai area, then there is one long route to Tokyo, and the rest of your travel is around Tokyo as well. All together this does not add up enough for a JR Pass to help you make savings. So I would just buy normal tickets as you travel.

Enjoy Japan!

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Thanks Daniel. I really appreciate the help.


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