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osaka-tokyo-nagoya-kyoto-osaka in 8 days

Osaka-Tokyo-Nagoya-Kyoto-Osaka in 8 days

Hi there,

I am going to japan for the first time together with 5 family members this september 2013. We are still thinking if we should buy the Japan Rail Pass or how we can save money.

The thing is actually, I have a conference in Nagoya from 24 to 26 September 2013. But the flight ticket to nagoya from my country is a bit expensive, so me and my family bought a flight ticket to Osaka instead. So we plan to go around japan as we take extra holiday.

this is how we plan:

Arrived :
Kansai International Airport
Fri 20 Sep 2013, 0825 hrs ( 8:25AM)

We plan to go to Tokyo straight away.


OSAKA ---- TOKYO ( 20 Sept - 23 Sept )

TOKYO ---- NAGOYA ( 23 Sept - 25 Sept)

NAGOYA ---KYOTO (25 - 26 Sept)

KYOTO -- OSAKA ( 26 - 28 Sept)



Actually, We are considering on staying in OSAKA and travel to NAGOYA only on the conference date (which I haven t got the actual date for my presentation yet). as they accommodation in Nagoya is a bit high for our budget. In osaka we get to rent a whole apartment for our family with quite reasonable price.

But I dont know.. can you suggest anything? will buying a JR Pass help me in my budget ?

thank you.

we would really like to see tokyo though.


Hi there,

Welcome to the forum! Just to be sure, will you enter Japan under a 90 day tourist visa? This because you write that you will come to Japan for business as well. If so, than the JR Pass would suit your travel really well. Mainly for two reasons, let me explain:

Budgeting: You would be able to make some rather nice savings with the JR Pass. I made a little list of normal ticket below to give you an idea.

Kansai Airport - Tokyo ¥ 15,820 (with the Haruka Express / Bullet train)
Tokyo - Nagoya ¥ 10,780
Nagoya - Kyoto ¥ 5,640
Kyoto - Osaka ¥ 540

This adds up to ¥ 32,780 or at least ¥ 4,480 in savings as the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 28,300. Note that you can also use the JR Pass on local JR trains in Tokyo/Osaka adding even more to your savings.

Flexibility The JR Pass allows for unlimited travel for the duration of its validity period. This means that you could also go to Osaka directly from Tokyo and make a day trip (or two) to Nagoya as needed without having to pay anything extra (a normal return Osaka - Nagoya is ¥ 12,760). In addition you can take the train anywhere you wish, if plans change or the fancy takes you to visit somewhere!

I hope this helps!

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thank you Daniel,

this really helps. I will surely take the JR Pass. :)


owh ya, can i use the Jr Pass for local train in Nagoya? If I have to take subway, what card should I buy? In osaka, the apartment we booked is near to subway station.


Local JR Trains in Nagoya are covered by the JR Pass. As for the subway, consider buying a Manaca card the local IC card in Nagoya (now usable in the rest of Japan too) for easy and convenient travel.

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