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Hi, we will be flying to Osaka, from Osaka we plan to go to Tokyo, Kyoto and back to Osaka, as our flight back is from Osaka.

our itinerary:
Osaka- Tokyo

Are all routes covered in JR pass.

Also in Tokyo we plan to go to Tsukiji Market, Tokyo Tower, omotesando area, Shibuya, Roponggi.

in Osaka Namba area, Shinsaibashi, Dotonburi

in Kyoto still not sure

Is the JR pass covered those area in Tokyo and Osaka?

Just wanna make sure if out transportation is covered by purchasing JR pass.

Thank you


Hi there,

The good news is that the majority of your travel is covered by the JR Pass. Certainly your intercity travel is 100% covered:

  1. Kansai airport > Osaka: ¥2,600 (53mins, 57km)
  2. Osaka > Tokyo: ¥13,950 (194mins, 556km)
  3. Tokyo > Kyoto: ¥13,420 (164mins, 513km)
  4. Kyoto > Osaka: ¥540 (28mins, 42km)
  5. Osaka > Kansai airport: ¥3,340 (57mins, 64km)

JR ticket cost: ¥33,850 for 5 legs

In addition to this you'll get good coverage of JR lines within Tokyo. Here's a map of JR lines within Tokyo which you can use with the JR Pass. Within Osaka you can also make good use of the JR Pass, but you'll probably find that in all areas (Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka) that you'll need to use the municipal bus or subway. I recommend you look into municipal passes available here:

You can look up precise train timetables and costs at the Hyperdia travel planning website and learn how to use Hyperdia for JR Pass holders through our video blog.

Hope this helps!

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