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Hi. We are arriving in Osaka on September 18 and planning to go to Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto and Nara during our trip. Our plan is to just to have a day trip in Tokyo and Kobe and our base is Osaka. We will be in Japan for 6 days.

Will we be able to use the JR Pass in all the places we plan to go?
Will it be more cost effective to buy the pass?
What time is the first trip from osaka going to tokyo?
What time is the last trip from tokyo going to osaka?

Thank you :very much.


Hi there,

Yes the JR Pass covers travel between all the cities you wish to visit and will also provide transport within Osaka, Tokyo and may also be useful in Kyoto and Kobe. Just by visiting Tokyo you will make the JR Pass pay off. So count out your profit :)

As for train timetables, you can check exact departures using as a general rule the first train from Osaka to Tokyo will depart around and the last train from Tokyo - Osaka around 9 p.m. be sure thought to check departure times on the day of travel.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the reply. The information you provided is indeed very helpful. It is good to know that purchasing the JR Pass will be very cost efficient during our trip to Japan :)

Thanks again,


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