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osaka to tokyo in 25 days

Osaka to Tokyo in 25 days

Hello all,

I'm planning my visit to Japan together with my girlfriend. Roughtly, we had this in mind:

April 29th to May 5th in Kyoto or Osaka, with trips to Nara, Kibune and Himeji
May 5th to May 6th in Koya-San
May 6th to May 12th in Hiroshima with trips to Sandan-Kyo, Miyajima, Matsujama and cycling Shimanami Kando
May 13th to May 17th flying to Okinawa, flying back to Tokyo
Ending up in Tokyo to fly back home the 25th of May.

We got 2 questions about this itinerary: Regarding transportation and staying, would this itinerary make sense, or should we do anything differently (like staying in Osaka rather than Kyoto, or perhaps another place)

Secondly, what would be your advice regarding the Rail Pass. Does it make sense to buy one for the first two weeks for instance. I figured it would not make any sense just to buy one for Tokyo alone.

Thanks in advance!

Bart Rietveld


Hi Bart Rietveld,

I think the itinerary makes sense, you can base yourself anywhere in Kansai and make day trips as you feel like. The difference between Kyoto and Osaka is not that much when it comes to distance, so either would work. However Osaka is closer to places such as Himeji and Hiroshima.

As for the JR Pass, I think looking at a 7 day JR Pass would be the best option and use it somewhat tactically. The best use would be to cover the more expancive trips with it, these would be Himeji, Hiroshima and Matsuyama (to Osaka?). You could make very nice savings if these would all be included. Himeji is on the route to Hiroshima, possible you could visit it then instead of a day trip from Kansai.

Hope this helps,

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