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osaka to tokyo

Osaka to Tokyo

Hello i am going to Japan for 7 days 27/1-2/2. and still struggling which train pass i should buy.
i will fly in Osaka KIX 27/1 morning and fly out Tokyo Haneda 2/2 midnight.
My rough plan is,

Day1 KIX Osaka
Day2 Kyoto
Day3 Shin-fuji
Day4 Yokohama
Day5 Gala Yuzawa day trip > Ueno
Day6 Shinjuku/ Shinbuya
Day7 Tokyo/ Ginza/ Haneda

Thru out the trip i am hoping to use the best of the ticket. and any other passes i should buy when visiting particular area? Thank you so much!!!


Hi there,

I checked your itinerary to find the best option(s) and must conclude that the best way of business would simply be to buy normal train tickets as you ravel. There is no railway that matches your itinerary and also allows you the make savings.

Hope this helps,

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