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osaka to nara and to ?? and back to osaka. day trip

Osaka to Nara and to ?? and back to Osaka. Day trip

Hi guys,

I have 1 free day trip that I would love to fill up. My hotel will be at Osaka which is near Osaka JR station. Also I've already purchased a 7 days JR Pass.

On this free day, I thought of going to Nara Park just for half day to take a look at the deers and maybe visit todaiji. All should be done by afternoon I suppose. After that, where else can I go? Kyoto will be on my day trip on another day. So any recommendation to where I should go from Nara?

Kobe? Himeji? Kinosaki?
And what I can do there? Thank you so much.


Hi there!

From Nara I recommend these options:

  1. You could make it back to Shin-Osaka and then go for the afternoon in Himeji. Even though the castle is under rennovation there are still many areas that are open and you would certainly get a lot out of it. (lots of travel)
  2. On the way back to Osaka on the Kansai line you can stop at the world heritage site of Horyuji (JR Horyuji station). This is my recommendation as it is very simple for you to do from Nara as it is on your way back home, and does not require a lot of time on the train.

I think Kinosaki is really an overnight trip and Kobe may not really have that much to offer if you are already staying in Osaka.

Hope this helps!

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