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osaka to kyoto

Osaka to Kyoto

We will be staying at Swiss Hotel Nankai, Namba and would like to find out how to make our way to Kyoto Station. If we take the train, is it easy to bring our bags along? Just one trolley bag per person. Do we need to pre-book tickets or can we buy them on the day of departure? Thank you!

clara goh
clara goh

Hi there!

I think that it will be fine if you avoid peak travel times, before 9.30 and between 16.30-19.00 hours.

You have two option to travel from Namba to Kyoto, one is by the local train from JR-Namba to Tennoji here you can transfer to the Haruka limited express, which will bring you directly to Kyoto. This is by far the best option if you have a JR Pass, the route is fully covered (otherwise ¥ 2,300).

Alternatively you can travel all the way from JR-Namba by local train to Kyoto. This route is the most economic and should be considered if you don't have a JR Pass and want to save some money. First take the local train from JR Namba to Shin Imamiya station, transfer here to the JR Yamatoji Rapid Service and get out at Osaka station. At Osaka station you can take the Shinkaisoku Kyoto line to Kyoto this route takes ¥ 890 and both routes take about an hour of travel time.

Hope this helps!

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