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osaka to hiroshima

Osaka to Hiroshima


I will be travelling to Japan for about 2 weeks in December. I have been to the Kansai region previously and hence will not be travelling to Kyoto and Nara. I would like to explore more of other parts of the region as well as Hokkaido.

This is a tentative itinerary that I have planned and I would like advice on a few things:

Day 1 - 2: Osaka
Day 3-4: Kobe
Day 5: Okayama/ Kurashiki
Day 6: Takahashi/ Fukuyama
Day 7 - 9: Hiroshima/Miyajima
Day 10: Fly to Sapporo
Day 11: Asahiyama Zoo/Furano
Day 12- 13: No plans yet
Day 14 - 15: Osaka

My questions are:
1) Is it worth getting JR Pass or JR West Pass for the journey from Osaka to Hiroshima? Should I just purchase a single trip ticket each time I travel since I am stopping by the different cities like Kobe and Okayama along the way? Are there other options or passes that I could consider?
2) Is it convenient to travel around Hokkaido without a car? I have been there previously but it was during summer and I did a road trip around central Hokkaido. I reckon it is not safe to drive around Hokkaido in winter as I have no experience driving in winter.
3) Do you have any recommendations on what attractions to visit in Hokkaido? Especially in winter?

I would really appreciate your help in answering my queries.
Thanks in advance!


Hi there,

1.) Good question, a return ticket for a visit Osaka Hiroshima is around 21,000yen, which in itself would not be enough for a JR Pass to pay off. However I do think that you could consider a 7 day JR Pass. Firstly, with all the stops included it does become more expensive. Also you could use the JR Pass in Hokkaido if you plan it right. For instance the JR Pass can be used for travel from the airport to Sapporo but also from Sapporo to Asahikawa (for the zoo), which alone costs 9,620 yen for a return. Looking at it this way, the JR Pass suddenly becomes a great option, both in terms of savings and convenient - as you can use the JR Pass as a single ticket for a lot of travel.

2.) Having a car in Hokkaido can be nice, however it really depends on what you wish to visit. In many cases trains and buses are good enough.

3.) Well start in Sapporo, it's a great city and could keep you busy for weeks. After I would head down to Hakodate, there are many interesting stops along the way, such as Nobori Betsu, Otaru and lake Toya.

Enjoy Japan!

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