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osaka to haneda for 6:50pm flight

Osaka to Haneda for 6:50pm flight

Hi everyone,

The last couple times i've been to japan, I visited both the Kansai region and Tokyo. I typically started the trip in Tokyo, head to Kansai and then return back to Tokyo the night before the flight. This time, I want to be more efficient with my time and just go straight from Osaka to Haneda airport by 4pm to make my 650pm flight. Considering it takes about 4hrs to get there, it appears to me that there is more than enough time if I leave Osaka before noon.

I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on whether or not this is doable. I've never run into this issue before, but would I have issues securing a bullet train ticket from Osaka to Tokyo using my JR pass (e.g. full trains)?


Hi there,

Yes, there is plenty of time to make this trip and Japan has by far the most reliant rail system in the world, so if anywhere, you could do it in Japan. Trains rarely sell out and getting a ticket is not a problem (unless you travel during a national holiday period).

That said, delays can happen and from a safety perspective its better to stay your light day/night in Japan around Tokyo. Because there is always alternative transport to the airport, while the Shinkansen will be your only option coming form Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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