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osaka, shirakawago, tokyo, hakone, kyoto

Osaka, Shirakawago, Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto


Can you help me on my below itinerary, should i buy Takayama -Hokuriku Pass which cost 13,500 yen to go to Shirakawa or i just buy JR Pass (29,910 yen) and purchase additional bus charge inside Shirakawago and surroundings?

My itinerary is about like this:
Day 1 : Osaka (staying for 2 nights)
Day 2 : Osaka
Day 3 : Shirakawago - Takayama - Kanazawa (staying for 2 nights)
Day 4 : Shirakawago - Takayama - Kanazawa
Day 5 : Tokyo (staying for 2 nights)
Day 6 : Tokyo
Day 7 : Hakone - Mt Fuji - Kawaguchiko (2 nights)
Day 8 : Hakone - Mt Fuji - Kawaguchiko
Day 9 : Kyoto (3 nights)
Day 10 : Kyoto
Day 11 : Kyoto
Day 12 : Back to Osaka for Kansai Airport

My other question, what do you think the best to purchase the pass? As far as i know, Fuji-Hakone pass is also a great deal to use inside Hakone, Kawaguchi and 5th station of Mt Fuji

Thank you for your help.


Hello there,

Going for a 7 day JR Pass and then purchasing bus tickets to and from Shirakawa-go is by far the better option.

You can make good savings using the JR Pass for Osaka - Takayama - Kanazawa - Tokyo and back to Kyoto.

You are correct about the Hakone Free Pass for Hakone, this works very well to explore the area and is a great companion for the JR Pass.

Hope this helps!

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