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Hi, I plan to travel 10days 9 nights within kansai airport- osaka-nara-kyoto -tokyo and go back again to kansai international airport.

My itinerary
12th Aug = Kansai Airport - Osaka
13 = Osaka
14= Osaka to Nara (spend whole day in nara)
15 = Nara to Ueno (spend whole day in ueno and go back to nara at night)
16 = Nara to Kyoto
17= Around Kyoto
18 = kyoto to tokyo
19 - 20 = around tokyo
21 = tokyo to kansai

Since I want to buy 7 days jrpass. . in which date I have to start activating it to save me some money.?

JRPass will also cover for local train ticket around osaka , nara , kyoto and tokyo right? as long it's not private company line?
hyperdia showing price for non JRPass?how can i compare price with and without jrpass?
sorry for asking too many :)



Hi there,

Long distance travel can be very expansive, so I would try to cover as much of it with the JR Pass as you can.
I see that you will travel from Tokyo - Kansai on the 21st so I would make sure that day is included. How about you start using your JR Pass on the 15th, this way all your long distance travel is covered and you can make some nice savings too by using the JR Pass on local JR Lines.

As for showing Non JR prices in Hyperdia, click on the search details button and select / deselect [Private Railway] to show/hide other train companies.

I hope this helps,

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Daniel-san, thank you for your answer...

several things i still wanna ask
1. Reserved Seats , how can you obtain this one? Can you reserve exactly before the departure time, or we have to reserve in advance?
2. For trip that require transfer to several other lines , so when we have to buy the ticket that is not covered by JRPAss? should we buy it by the time we take our first train, or in each station that require transfer?

many thanks :)


Hi Pupu!

1.) Reserved seats, you can make seats reservations at any time you like once you have your JRPass.
To do so, simply go to any manned JR Counter in Japan and tell the staff where you would like to do. Trains rarely sell out during normal days so there's no need to make reservations long in advance, however you can do so as you wish or simply go to the station 15 minutes before departure and reserve your seats.

You can read more about making seat reservations here.

2.) It depends on the other company/line that you will travel with. You usually can buy a transfer ticket for the whole route, however sometimes you may have to buy a ticket at this transfer station. I could probably tell you the details for a specific route if you tell me where you wish to travel.

Enjoy the weekend!

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