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I will arrived at KIX and plan to use the Haruka to Shin Osaka. If I buy the Haruka&Icoca Card at KIX will I be able to use the card that I get for my journey in Osaka (2days) & Kyoto (2 days)? The validity of OneWay for this card means only for the usage of the Harika Train rite?
Since the balance wil not be enough for my 4 days journey in Osaka&Kyoto, where do I can recharge the icoca? Can I do it at Shin Osaka station?

I plan to use the Tokaido Shinkansen from Shin Osaka to Tokyo. Should I refund the Icoca at Shin Osaka or I can refund it later at Tokyo Station before I leave Tokyo to Haneda?




The Haruka ticket is only valid for the one way ride on the Haruka Express but you are allowed to transfer to local trains within the validity area and you can exit any station within this area without having to pay extra. See the below link for details:

The ICOCA card can be charged at any ticket machine, be it on a JR line, subway or elsewhere. Its really convenient.

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