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osaka-kyoto-osaka-tokyo in two weeks.

Osaka-kyoto-Osaka-Tokyo in two weeks.


I am planning a trip at the end of March, beginning of April. Just wondering if it's worth to buy the 14 days JR pass...Here's my itinerary....

March 29 Arrive Osaka
March 30 Osaka - Kyoto, staying in kyoto for 3.5 days
April 2, Kyoto-Osaka, Osaka for 4 days
April 5, Osaka - Tokyo, Tokyo for 4 days.
April 9, Tokyo - Hakone, stay overnight
April 10 Hakone - Hamamatsu, stay overnight
April 12 Hamamatsu - Tokyo
April 13 Tokyo departure

I guess I will be going back and forth between Osaka, Kyoto for couple trips. I don't know if it's worth buying the 14 day pass vs just buy my ticket on JR each way. Potentially I would like to take shinkansen bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo ( which I know JR pass doesn't cover...) Please advice. Thank you!! ^^

I hope I catch the cherry blossom season...


Hello there,

The JR Pass covers every bullet train route in Japan, however some train types such as the Nozomi and Mizoho train are not included. That said, I do think it would make more sense for this itinerary to buy a normal tickets as you travel. The JR Pass works great when traveling longer distances such as Tokyo - Osaka, in your itinerary this is the only relative long trip. Kyoto and Osaka for instance are very close and a normal train tickets only costs 560 yen.

You should be in time to see the Sakura in Tokyo, although you never know exactly in advance when the blooming starts.

Hope this helps,

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If you extended your trip a bit you could make a 14 day Pass pay off - there really is no reason to stay in Osaka for 4 days, especially if you are also going to visit Tokyo. Going down to Hiroshima/Miyajima for 2D/1N would be well worth it. You also didn't mention Nara which really is a must see place in the area. For the Tokyo area, going to Nikko for a day trip would also be great.


Thank you for the advice. I am going to the Osaka Universal studio. But maybe Hiroshima/miyajima for the next trip.

This will be my second trip to Japan, so I am definitely interested in adventure out some. What's in Nikko? This trip is specifically design for cherry blossom sight seen. So if you have any recommendation, local favorite, I would really appreciate the information!!



Here is some info on Nikko:

If not going to Hiroshima, then Okayama is another choice - aside from its castle, it has 2 nice gardens, one of them is rated one of the top 3 in Japan. It also has far fewer crowds than Kyoto or Tokyo:

For cherry blossoms, see these sites:

For Tokyo:

For Kyoto:

For Osaka:



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