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Osaka Kyoto Nara Hakone Tokyo

Hi all,

Would like to check on my itinerary, is it too rushed or is it feasible?
Should I inter swop any days here and there?
Would like to check should I get the 7days JR pass, if so, which days should I use it?
If not, which other passes are better for my itinerary?

Please advice, would really appreciate it much.


Day 1: Tokyo narita airport -> Osaka
- Osaka Castle - Dotonburi

Day 2: Osaka Universal Studio

Day3: Osaka -> Kyoto
- Fushimi Inari - Kiyomizu-Dera - Sannen Zaka and Ninen Zaka - Gion

Nijo Castle
Kinkakuji temple
Tenryuji temple
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
Togetsukyo bridge

Day 5: Kyoto -> Nara-> Kyoto
Todai-ji temple
Nara park

Day 6: Kyoto -> Hakone
Mount fuji sightseeing

Day 7: Hakone -> Tokyo
Shinjuku shopping

Day 8: Disneyland

Day9: Tokyo

Day10: Tokyo


Hello there,

I think this itinerary work well, you can cover day 1-7 using a 7 day JR Pass and then just buy local tickets for the last couple of days in Tokyo.

You have a lot planned it but I don't think its a problem, as long as you make a schedule beforehand.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!

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