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osaka , kyoto, nara , arashimaya

Osaka , Kyoto, Nara , Arashimaya


We are a family of five arriving Japan on October 25.

Our itinerary is as follows :
Day 1 - Arrival at Kansai Airport , check-in hostel
Day 2 Univeral Studios
Day 3 /4 Roam around Osaka
Day 5 - Osaka to Kyoto
Day 6- Kyoto sightseeing
Day 7 - Kyoto sightseeing
Day 8 - Arashimaya
Day 9 - Nara
Day 10 - Kyoto to Kansai Airport

I am thinking of the following combinations to save on transportation cost
1. Haruka and Iccoca
2. Use Iccoca going to Universal studios to and from Momodani Station
3. Buy Osaka 2-day pass for Days 3 and 4
4. Use Iccoca going to Kyoto
5. Get 2-day bus pass in Kyoto
6. Use Iccoca for Arashimaya
7. Use Iccoca for Nara
8. Haruka for going to back to airport

Am I really saving money with such combination ? I would appreciate getting better ideas to help us save
money .

Also, can we cover Kyoto by just walking . I read about so many walking tours.



Hi Marilyn,

Looks good. I think as you're going for such a long period and have plans for roaming around Kansai the Haruka+ICOCA coupled with Osaka and Kyoto passes are a good choice. Bear in mind that once you recharge it the ICOCA won't actually be any cheaper than purchasing individual tickets.

For tips to keep costs to a minimum while you are in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara I recommend the following resources:

Be sure to book the volunteer guide as soon as you can as most need 2 weeks notice, however if you can book one you will have a great time!

Hope this helps!

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Arigato Gozaimazu ! :-)


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