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osaka kansai airport to osaka to kyoto and to tokyo

Osaka Kansai Airport to Osaka to Kyoto and to Tokyo

I plan to arrive Kansai Airport this August 16th.. I will stay in Osaka and go to Kyoto on Aug 18. I will stay in Kyoto til Aug 20 and go to Tokyo and fly back to SHA on Aug 23. I want to check the following with you:
1) Can we use JR pass from Kansai Airport to 530-0001 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, kita-Ku,Umeda 3-3-45 the hotel?Which line shall we take and which station shall we get off in Umeda area?
2) How to go to Kyoto from Osaka by JR? Which line to take? (We will stay in Royal Park Hotel Kyoto, 604-8004 Kyoto, Kyoto Sanjo-dori Kawara-machi Higashi-iru) Which station shall I get off?
3) How to go from above Kyoto Hotel to Tokyo? WHich line shall I take? We will stay in 171-8505 Tokyo prefecture Toshima-ku, Nishi-Lkebukuro 1-6-1 in Tokyo. Which station shall we get off?

thank you very much for your help.

Hello there,

1.) Yes, Umeda is close to Osaka station. It actually is the name of surrounding area and metro station. You can take the train directly from Kansai Airport to Osaka station and either walk or take a taxi from there.

2.) From Osaka station take the Kyoto line to Kyoto (departing every 10~ min). At Kyoto station either transfer for the subway to Kawaramachi or take a taxi for the last part.

3.) Return to Kyoto station, there you can get on the Shinkansen directly to Tokyo station. Once you reach Tokyo transfer to the Yamanote line and get out at Ikebukero station. Once you are there there are 3 options, one is to transfer to the Seibu-Ikebukero line and go to Shiinamachi from where NishiIkebukero is a close walk. Option two is to walk from Ikebukero station, I would imagine that it takes about 15min. A 3rd is to travel the last part by taxi, perhaps the best option, since you may be arriving with luggage.

Hope this helps!

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