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nrt - tokyo - osaka - kyoto - tokyo

NRT - Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo

Hello. We will be flying into NRT on a Wednesday afternoon (Feb 20). We will take the rail from the airport into the city on that day. On Saturday (Feb 23), we will be taking the rail to Osaka for 2 days, followed by a trip to Kyoto on Monday (Feb 25) for a day. On Tuesday (Feb 26), we'll be headed back to Tokyo for a few more days there.

With the NRT - Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo trips, buying a JR 7-day pass makes the most sense, correct? We would only need one other leg, from Tokyo to NRT (Mar 1), so we would just buy that single trip in addition, as opposed to buying a 10 day pass. Also, being 6'5", the Green pass would be worth it for the extra leg room, I'm assuming.

Thank you so much for your help. Can't wait to visit!


Hi there,

Yes you are absolutely correct, the 7 day JR Pass is very well suited for this.

If you decide to travel Green Class you get about 50% more space and luxurious seats, which is rather nice.
Being tall myself I can recommend it, although normal seats are just fine too!

The trip back to Narita is about 3000~ Yen by Narita Express.

For the rest, I don't have much to add. You are pretty much good to go!

Enjoy Japan!

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