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not sure if 7 or 14 days neither 7 and which days

Not sure if 7 or 14 days neither 7 and which days

I am planning my trip for this August, and I am not sure whether I should take JRPass for 14 days or only 7 (and in this case which 7 days is worthy). My planning is:

Day 1-2-3: Tokio
Day 4: Mt Fuji
Day 5: Tsumago
Day 6: Takayama
Day 7: Shirakawago
Day 8: Kanazawa
Day 9: Hiroshima+Miyajima
Day 10: Kyoto
Day 11: Kyoto
Day 12: Kyoto
Day 13: Tokio
Day 14: Tokio

Thanks a lot any help is surely welcome :)


Hi there :)

Firstly, lets get a handle on the full costs of your route in normal JR tickets. A 7 day rail pass is ¥28,300 and a 14 day is ¥45,100 do you'll need to spend more than these to make each pass worthwhile:

  1. Tokyo > Odawara: ¥3640, (35mins, 83km)
  2. Odawara > Nagiso: ¥10680, (224mins, 381km)
  3. Nagiso > Takayama: ¥7230, (243mins, 265km)
  4. Takayama > Kanazawa: ¥4180, (186mins, 148km)
  5. Kanazawa > Hiroshima: ¥15250, (265mins, 605km)
  6. Hiroshima > Kyoto: ¥10790, (126mins, 380km)
  7. Kyoto > Tokyo: ¥13220, (161mins, 513km)

TOTAL: ¥64990 for 7 legs

As you an see, both 7 and 14 day JR Passes will offer good savings over standard tickets. As the first day of expensive travel is Day 5, the only way you could squeeze your travel into a 7 day is if you reduced your time in Kyoto (or perhaps took some destinations out?) to leave back to Tokyo on Day 11. I'd personally opt for the 14 day to enjoy the stops out of Tokyo at a relaxed pace - you would also be able to include the return trip to the Airports in the JR Pass (¥5000 if Narita on the Narita Express), however is very much down to personal taste!

Hope this helps!

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