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non jr travel in tokyo, osaka & kyoto

non JR travel in Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto


I plan to arrive in Tokyo, travel to Kyoto and take my flight back from Osaka in 7 days. Will 7 day JR pass suit me?

If not, what is the alternative option (day pass/ suica) for within city traveling in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Hope you can suggest the best option.



Hi there,

If you're not doing a return up to Tokyo, then I think I would recommend single tickets over a JR Pass for this trip.

Your options for travel around each city are:

  • purchasing individual tickets as you need them (¥100-200 per trip), possibly through prepaid cards.
  • 1 day metro/bus travel cards (Kyoto, Osaka & Tokyo).
  • Kansai Thru Pass for travel within the Kansai area (Osaka/Kyoto incl. metro+bus services).

You should also look into the Narita Express + Suica prepaid travel card combination deal which can also give you good savings on transport within Tokyo.

Hope this helps!

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