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need to check that a jr pass is the best choice for my itinerary!

Need to check that a JR Pass is the best choice for my itinerary!

Hi there,

I just want to make sure that a JR pass will cover all/most of the train trips I need to make.

I would be looking at a 21 day pass as we'll be there from 29th April to 21st May (and travelling within the country from 3rd May to 19th May).

Starting in Tokyo then going to Nagano.
Nagano to Matsumoto
Matsumoto to Tsumago to Magome
Magome - Hiroshima
Hiroshima to Miyajima
Miyajima to Himeji Castle onto Osaka
Osaka - Kyoto

I've had a look at individual fares and I'm pretty sure that the pass is the right choice - just want to make sure I can get between all these cities/towns on the pass (excepting Tsumago/Magome).



Hi there,

I can confirm that the JR Pass will cover travel between all these places! It is also useful for travel around Matsumoto / Tsumago and Magome, although you will require other transport there as well.

For the rest, it all looks great!

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