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need advice

Need advice

Hi, roughly my itinerary is like this:
D1 : Nagoya airport (touch down at 8.30 am) - Nagoya - Kanazawa - Takayama
D2 : Shirakawago - Toyama
D3 : Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route (return trip Tateyama - Murodo) - Nagoya
D4 : Nagoya - Hiroshima - Nagoya
D5 : Nagoya - Kyoto - Osaka (only hard rock cafe) - Nagoya
D6 : Nagoya - Shinagawa - Haneda (take bus to Kawaguchiko and left bags in Haneda) - Ueno
D7 : Tokyo - Haneda (my flight at 10.30pm)

What do you think? On day6, I purposely go to Haneda to drop the bags and take a bus to Kawaguchiko since I am not confident enough to take a train from Shinjuku. As far as I know, shinjuku is so big and busy, I have no time. I only have half day to go to Kawaguchiko.

And on day3, is that possible I go to Nagoya after I come back from Tateyama?

If I buy 7 day pass, worth it or not?

Thank you


Hello Lisa,

The trip looks very busy but that the same time it is possible. The question is, whether you want to spend so much time traveling around. Two days seem busy in particular, namely D1 Kanazawa and Takayama feel just to much, although I guess could take a late train from Kanazawa and explore Takayama the following morning before going to Shirakawago. D6 also feels busy, why not leave your luggage at Shinagawa instead to save some time?

As for the JR Pass, it offers amazing value for the above itinerary. Just a return Nagoya - Hiroshima is ¥ 28,460 while the price of a 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,110. Add the rest of your travel and you'll be making great savings.

Have a great trip!

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