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narita via nex.>> shingawa>>kyoto on hikari

Narita via NEX.>> SHINGAWA>>Kyoto on Hikari

Need just a little advice on some of the logistics of this journey. We will be in Narita for one night to catch up on our sleep. In the next morning we are going to take the hotel sguttle to the Narita airport. Get on the NEX to Shingawa. Then we plan on taking the Hikari Shinkasen to Kyoto. I have the JR PASS.

My question is, when do I make the reservation for our Green Car and how do I schedule the trip. NEX to the Hikari Shinkansen. Should I give myself 30 mins between our NEX arrival in Shingawa and the Hikari departure to Kyoto.

Should I make my reservations the night before when I originally arrive at Narita? Do we make the reservations at a JR Pass counter



Hi there,

You can make reservations the moment that you exchange the JR Pass, once you do so you can make any reservation you want. If you reserve the tickets in advance, then 10-15min at Shinagawa should be plenty to make the transfer. I recommend doing so at Narita Airport.

Once you have the reservation it will be smooth sailing from there.

Hope this helps,

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