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narita to kyoto

narita to kyoto

Hi, I am planning to travel directly from narita airport to kyoto. The problem is that my flight is due to arrive at 1720. I could only take narita express 44 or 46 and then the hikari 531 or 533. My questions are, should I take narita express to tokyo station or is it better idea to Shinagawa? The transfer time is 12 or 14 minutes, is that enough to catch the train to Kyoto?
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Hello there,

While 12 min is plenty of time to make the transfer at Shinagawa or Tokyo, I am more worried about your arrival time and getting on the Narita Express.

Going through customs can take a long time on a busy day. Then you have to pick up your luggage and activate the JR Pass. All together there is a chance that you won't be able to catch the last train connection to Kyoto.

Consider staying the 1st night in Tokyo and traveling on the following morning in order to avoid the chance of getting stuck somewhere.

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We'll do that.
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