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End July/eary August Japan trip for 8 days. Arriving Narita early afternoon, plan to go to Atami right after. Stay overnight in Atami Onsen and take afternoon train to Osaka, Namba on second day. Stay for 3 nights in Osaka and then take Shinkansen to Tokyo, stay 3 nights and leave Japan via Narita airport. Will buy JR passes for 4 and what train schedules are we looking at? Any further advice on day trip to Wakayama while in Osaka? Thanks.


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I think you will have a very reasonable itinerary, if you look at ti time-wise.
The travel from Narita Airport to Atami will take around 120-140 hours, while your trip from Osaka back to Tokyo will be around 160 minutes. Trains depart twice every hours so you won't have to worry to much about time schedules either. I would recommend using to help you planning, if you would like to arrive somewhere at a certain time.

As for Wakayama, it is a nice town. A walk in the castle gardens is very nice and Nachi waterfall is well worth a visit too!

Enjoy Japan!

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Much appreciated, Daniel.


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