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narita airport to kyoto

Narita airport to Kyoto

Totally confused! is there a bullet train location at the Nartia airport where I can get a train to Kyoto? Arrive Narita at 4 PM, and understand atrain to Kyoto is about 2 hours. When I arrive Kyoto around 7PM is it possible to find transportation to a hotel? I do understand I need to buy a rail pass (7 day) in the states and have reservations made before I arrive.
Thanks for any advice!


Hi there,

The best way to get to Kyoto from Narita is by taking the Narita Express to Tokyo station and transfer there to the Shinkansen (bullet trains heading to Kyoto. Here is an example of the route

Kyoto city is not too big and finding transportation is not very difficult, let me know where you are staying and I may be able to find to best route there.

You can make ticket reservations once you are in Japan and have the JR-Pass for free but you do have to buy the pass itself before you come to Japan.

Hope this clears things up,

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The more somfortable way is to take the N'Ex to Shinagawa Station and take the Shinkansen from there. The N'Ex stops at Tokyo, but the transfer is from the 5th basement to the 1st level above ground. At Shinagawa, both trains are at the same level and the transition is much more smooth.


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